Assembling of beer tanks, modernization of fermentation technology, comprehensive implementation of brewing kits for fermenting, aging, processing, storage, packaging and distribution of beer.

Excluding the beer tanks we produce and install also all other equipment for breweries like for example :

  • Brewhouses – Brewhouses Breworx are devices designed for brewing beer wort by traditional way out of malt, hops, water and with activity of yeast. But it is also possible to brew beer  out of malt-concentrates or wort-concentrates. Brewhouses Breworx ensure brewing beer by infusion or decoction method. We produce brewhouses in industrial design suitable for practical established businesses  or in copper design which is suitable for restaurants interiors.
  • Cooling systems for breweries – We produce all equipment for cooling in breweries. The cooling equipment includes : water cooling units, air cooling units, tanks for preparation and storage of ice water or glycol solutions, tanks for treated cold water, plate coolers for cooling wort, complete tank cooling sets, cooling of beverages before tapping etc.
  • Malt mills (malt grinders)Before the beginning of the brewing process it is necessary to mill the corn of a malt in prescribed way and it is necessary to expose the endosperm of a corn without damaging the integrity of glumes. Keeping up with the right way of a process of milling the malt is necessary for quality beer. Milling the malt – ‚grindering‘ is done in a machine called Malt Mill or Malt Grinders.
  • Yeast storage tanks – We produce useful devices for yeast regeneration and safe storage of yeast. Yeast storage tanks ensure that the dead yeast will be seperated from the healthy infusion and so these tanks ensure to keep the yeast in a vigorous estate. The yeast storage tanks are equipped with duplicate shell, dosing device, inclinable mechanism for the easy washing the yeast (seperation the dead yeast from the healthy infusion). Tanks are designed for ovrepressure up to 1.0 bar, and thanks to that it is possible to dose the yeast with pipes without any hand-manipulation with yeast. Seperated duplicated shell in the bigger yeast storage tanks ensure to work with changing volume of yeast infusion in storage tank.
  • Hot water tanksStainless steel tanks to preparation, storage and dosing of hot water for the brewing process, CIP process and other processes in breweries. Our hot water tanks are designed usually as part of entire heat recuperation system that includes also wort cooler, cold water tank, heater, pump and other devices.
  • Cold water tanks – Stainless steel tanks to preparation, storage and dosing of cold treated or untreated water. The cold water is necessary to cooling fermentation and maturation tanks, or to cooling wort after brewing.
  • CIP stations – Stainless steel units for cleaning and sanitizing of brewery equipment like tanks or pipes using special solutions and water. Mobile and static versions of the CIP stations.
  • Keg rinsing and filling machines – manual and automatic equipment for rinsing kegs and filling beer to kegs.
  • Bottle rinsing, filling and capping machinesmanual and automatic equipment to rinsing bottles, filling beer into bottles, capping and labelling of bottles .
  • Other brewery equipment


Full brewery sets – breweries

  • Nanobeer – nanobreweries for the smallest production volumes
  • Brewmaster – microbreweries for small production volumes
  • Modulo – modular breweries with easy assembling and expanding
  • Breworx Classic – pub microbreweries with retro-design brewhouse
  • Breworx Compact – restaurant microbreweries with technological brewhouse
  • Breworx Lite-ME – restaurant microbreweries for production beer from concentrates
  • Breworx Oppidum – industrial breweries with powerful six-vessel brewhouse