CCT-SHP Cylidroconical tanks simplified high pressure

CCT-SHP Cylindroconical tanks cooled by liquid, non-insulated, high-pressure 3.0 bar max

Cylindrical-conical tanks without insulation are cheaper than isolated liquid-cooled tanks. The tanks contain duplicate cooling channels through which the coolant flows through water or glycol, but the tanks have no insulation and the outer casing. Tanks are recommended to be placed in a slightly isolated, uncooled room or isolated box, where there is no excessive heating of the tanks by air. Their advantage is the relatively low purchase price, the disadvantage is higher energy consumption when cooling tanks, and also the need for a more efficient water cooler than for isolated tanks.

Low-costs high-pressure 3.0 bar cylindrical-conical tanks with simplified design are intended for high-pressure fermentation, maturation, storage of beer, cider or wine and also for isobaric filling beverages into kegs, bottles or other packages.


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