DBTXN Draft beer tanks non-insulated

Draught beer tanks cooled with air, non-insulated

These draught beer tanks are in the easiest construction and so it is possible to buy them for the lowest price. These tanks are in mono-jacketed version without any double cooling channels. Tanks have to be placed in insulated chilled room or chilled box, where the space is cooled with cooling unit. Their advanatage is their low purchase cost. And their disadvantage is that the temperature in each tank cannot be regulated regardless of the other tanks and the human operating comfort is lower because opertors work in cold and humid surroundings. The electric consumption is higher when tanks are cooled with air and not with the liquid. But besides that this type of tank is used the most in restaurants because of the investment savings.


Standard system with non-insulated draft beer tanks includes :

  1. Cooling unit (outside the building)
  2. Air pump unit with pressure regulation
  3. Beer pipes
  4. Refrigerator door
  5. Cooling system evaporator
  6. Daught beer tanks (non-insulated, cooled with air)
  7. Filling pipes (out of brewery set or out of tanker)
  8. Insulated walls of cooled room or cooled box

We offer two variations of this type beer tank :

I. DBTVN – Draft beer tanks vertical, non-insulated

The vertical orientation of draft beer tanks has a many practical advantages:

  • Effective sanitation of the whole tank with only 1 spraying ball (cost savings)
  • Manually easy cleaning of the inner and outer area of the tank – usually it is possible to stand in the inside of the tank and it is possible to walk around the tank
  • Small space of floor area, effective usage of vertical room space
  • Easy manipulation and access to all armatures and functional parts of the tank

Our production portfolio – Draft beer tanks vertical, non-insulated

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II. DBTHN – Draft beer tanks horizontal, non-insulated

The horizontal orientation of tanks is useful practically in all restaurants. It is possible to set the horizontal tanks into several batteries and so the height of the room will be used properly.

Our production portfolio – Draft beer tanks horizontal, non-insulated

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