MBTVX : Pressure beer maturation tanks, with a vertical orientation

Beer production tanks for the secondary fermentation, with a vertical orientation

Pressure beer maturation tanks, with a vertical orientation

The vertical orientation of cylindrical beer maturation tanks has a many practical advantages:

  • Effective cleaning and sanitation of the whole tank with only one rinsing head (cost savings).
  • Easy manual cleaning of both inner and outer surface of the tank – usually it is possible to stand in the inside of the tank when cleaning and it is possible to walk around the tank.
  • Small space of floor area, effective usage of vertical room space.
  • Easy manipulation and access to all armatures and functional parts of the tank.
  • Precise tracking of product quantity in a tank using a level gauge.



What is the beer maturation tank intended for ?

The main function of the pressure beer maturation tank is to provide a secondary phase of the beer fermentation – the maturation of beer, which is the natural saturation of the beer by the carbon dioxide which is spontaneously produced during the physical activity of the beer yeasts, at low temperature (usually from 1°C to 4°C) and low pressure (usually from 1.0bar to 2.5bar).

We offer two variations of this type beer tank :

I. MBTVI – Pressure beer maturation tanks, vertical, insulated

The fully insulated cylindrical beer maturation tanks cooled with liquid are a professional solution for all restaurants keepers for whom the savings of operating costs are at the very first place. Tanks include cooling channels with the flowing cooling liquid. The tanks have a cylindrical part insulated with PUR foam. Also both bottoms of the tank can be insulated for extra surcharge. The outer jacket is covered with insulation and it creates a clean design of stainless steel tank. It is possible to place the tanks in a non-insulated room because insulation provides the protection against unwanted escape of cold from beer tanks. Their advantage is mainly their low electric consumption when the tanks are cooled, the need of the less powerful liquid cooler and high comfort for operators because people may not work in air-cooled space.

Our production portfolio – MBTVI – Pressure beer maturation tanks, vertical, insulated

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II. MBTVN – Pressure beer maturation tanks, vertical, non-insulated

These cylindrical beer maturation tanks have the easiest construction therefore there is possible to purchase them for the lowest price. We produce these tanks in single-jacketed version without any cooling channels. Tanks have to be placed in insulated chilled room or insulated cooling box, where the space is cooled with external air cooling unit. Main advanatage is their low purchase cost. Their disadvantage is that the temperature in each tank cannot be regulated independly regardless of the other tanks. The human operating comfort is lower as well because operators work in cold and humid surroundings. The electric consumption is higher when tanks are cooled with air instead the liquid. Yet this type of tanks is most commonly used in brewery restaurants mainly due to investment savings.

Our production portfolio – MBTVN – Maturation tanks vertical, non-insulated

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